Ujjayi breath

~ (ooo-jy [as in ‘eye’] -eee)~

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on Pexels.com

The Ujjayi, or “ocean sounding” breath, also called “victorious” breath is a breathing technique commonly used in yoga. The exhale of the ujjayi breath creates an audible sound and gives the technique its name as it sounds similar to the ocean. This breathing technique helps to create focus during yoga practice.

To practice ujjayi. . .

-Find a comfortable seated position. With your lips closed place the tip of your tongue on the back of your front teeth and allow your tongue to float in your mouth. As you inhale through your nose imagine you are saying a “saaaaaa” sound.
-As you exhale, constrict the back of your throat as you would in a whisper and imagine your are saying a “haaaaaa” sound. This is the same type of exhale you would use if you were fogging a mirror.
-The breath should not be forced. If you find that the back of your throat is becoming irritated, ease off on your exhale or even take a break from the ujjayi breathing technique and breath naturally.
-Repeat, inhale and exhale for as many cycles of breath as is comfortable to you. A 10 minute cycle is a good way to meditate and energize your body and mind.

You can practice ujjayi anytime, not just during yoga! Try it at your desk or while you drive, but stay focused! Eyes on the road at all times 😉

~Peace and Namaste, Sonnia