go with the flow

This expression was first recorded to be used by the Roman Emperor, Marcus Arelius, in his writings “The Meditations”. He penned a lot about the flow of happiness and thoughts and he surmised that most things flow naturally and in his opinion it was better to go with the flow than to try and change society. Then sometime in 1960s America, this expression was ascribed to the hippies, who liked outdoor activities but also espoused a philosophy of taking life easy, not getting worked up, not struggling or fighting. These people drew an analogy from the way they kayaked and rafted on white water to the way life should be led, by going with the flow.

Source: theidioms.com

With this concept of life in mind, I have always been intrigued by the human life including history, anthropology, sociology and more-in essence, how we live on this earth. This has led to the awareness that many of us are not “living” but merely surviving or in some cases, fighting for survival, with little to no joy to be had. These insights have guided my path, or flow, in life and have led me to study social sciences, nutrition, yoga, energy healing and more, as well as the history and the mystery surrounding all of it.

Going with the flow means that life is a journey, not a destination. We are all a work in progress. Once we think we’ve got this thing called life figured out something else pops up requiring us to learn something new or learn something entirely different from what we knew before. And perhaps once we’ve learned something new it may be time to yet learn something else or that even perhaps we get to constantly keep creating new versions of ourselves. And with that life continues and we continue to go with the flow.

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