The philosophy of holistic nutrition is that our health is an expression between the physical and chemical, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life and being. That is, holistic nutrition approaches health and healing from a whole-person perspective. Holistic Nutritional Counseling utilizes education as a primary tool toward health by treating each person as a unique individual and engages each individual in their health recovery process by honoring their innate wisdom in an empowering and cooperative manner to chart a course to optimal health.

What could my Nutrition Consultation look like?

During your consultation, Sonnia may:

  • Conduct a nutritional intake
  • Advise therapeutic menu and nutrients
  • Research health issues
  • Provide follow-up support
  • Review laboratory assessments
  • Summarize case and group findings
  • Provide recommendations
  • Consult with a licensed practitioner
  • Promote active lifestyles
  • Teach healthy eating

What you can expect from your Holistic Professional consultation.

Sonnia will provide:

  • Fresh, natural-foods basis
  • Educational emphasis
  • Client-based, not method or product-based
  • Referrals to doctors for medical conditions if appropriate
  • Highest standard of accountability and integrity
  • Informed consent and full disclosure forms
  • Adherence to the NANP Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics.

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To learn more about what Holistic Nutrition, please visit the National Association of Nutrition Professionals website.